Data managers will always hear this question from prospective clients: How do they earn from this upgrade? What is your ROI expectation?

This is where most data managers struggle. The answer is plain and simple for them. The cleaner your database is, the more efficient your staff will be at work. Recovering information will take less time. System downtimes will not become an obstacle in your daily operations. Inventory will be a breeze. How do you say these things in dollar figures that budget planners will understand?

There have been studies comparing hundreds of companies with a modern data management program to companies that opted to maintain their low-tech systems. The results showed that workers in companies that are spending for their data management systems are better in many things: research, inventory, delivery, and more.

In a nutshell, data management improves a company’s overall service. This, in turn, makes customers happier.

Further, companies with modern databases are able to collect more information and process it to achieve greater results. For instance, marketing becomes much better with a powerful database. In addition, the ability of salespeople to connect to consumers becomes much easier and their relationship lasts longer.

There is no amount of money that you can put on the value of time. You have heard time is gold and You know this is true. On top of that, you get to innovate, update, and respond to consumer demands in a way that you have not done before. The value of these things goes beyond dollar figures. It is about doing things better.

The reality is your outdated system is bound to cause troubles. It is not an empty threat. It is just how things are with technology and computers. The sooner you adapt, the better.

Of course, one should hope that one gets to adapt to modern technology before problems show up. We do not want you to lose all the data you have collected through the years. With the right data scientists, you will discover things about your customers that you have not considered in the past.

The reality is that you will spend more if your system crashes. The upgrades you will make today will ultimately worth less than the tech support will need once your database system has fallen gravely ill, so to speak.

Social media sites have made the world smaller. Your company has the opportunity to expand its reach. What you do about it sets the tone for the next ten years of your progress or lack thereof.

Have an efficient data management system in your organization, and make it a part of your identity as a company that delivers only the best to its customers. Seek professional tech help to train everyone, from top to bottom, in your organization. There are new, better, and more efficient ways to analyze your database.

Just because you have always done something in a certain manner does not mean it is the only way to do it. We are so far away from Windows 95. Your Excel sheets are giving you limited information when you can get so much more from the data you have. Be digitally efficient. The ROI is in your overall improvement as an organization.