Join Our Writing Team

Fieldview Data Center is looking for full-time writers who will write about topics relevant to digital marketers, SEO tips, and data management in general. The ideal person for this job is a creative person who is passionate about writing, digital marketing, and data analysis.

We may sometimes invite our writers to our briefings to get a feel of what we do and how we roll in our conference rooms. They get to meet other writers, content directors, data scientists, marketing managers, and executives in the team.

Our clients are from various industries, including the government sector. We have taken on data management projects for hotels, restaurants, nursing home, and medical facilities. We have also worked with manufacturing plants and car companies.

We need writers who are interested in many industries and could show appreciation of the details involved in each assignment. Someone who is adept at finding important information online would be a great asset to our team.

We pay writers per article or per hour, depending on the nature of assignments. For instance, if you are an online writer who gets assigned to show up on our briefings and document the project, we will pay you per hour. We may even consider you for a full-time position. Career advancement is definitely possible with Fieldview Data Center.

If you are interested in joining our team, submit a sample article with 300-400 words. The topic is: “The Importance Of Data Management For Realtors.” Please note that this is the same topic that all applicants will write about. As such, your sample article will not be published. We will only use it to assess your writing style and knowledge on the main subject.

Paste your article into our contact form below. Due to the volume of applicants we receive, please understand that we will only contact qualified writers. Submit your best work.

If you have any questions about the job, feel free to email us. Thank you for considering Fieldview Data Center to be part of your career growth. Good luck!