Communication with Data Managers

Data managers eagerly seek out comments from our clients after the first six months of working on data management and other services together. From then on, we solicit feedback on an annual basis. This process helps us understand not only their clients’ perception but more importantly, some key points for improvement.

In their feedback forms, they ask straightforward questions. This is important for clarity, brevity, and an invitation for honesty. They have one comment box. In this portion, respondents are allowed to pinpoint the best things they like about our data center. They are also asked to mention key areas for improvement.

What makes them extremely proud is that ninety-five percent of the time, commenters specifically laud our team for being excellent communicators. Apparently, many of their clients have worked with other database managers before and their communication with them had not been exactly pleasant at all times.

The reason why data managers are good at communicating with clients is due to their regular training. They invite business communication coaches at least twice a year to keep our team skilled at relaying information in a manner that is clear, understandable, and actionable.

One of our key responsibilities is ensuring a positive growth in revenue. As such, they often make recommendations that would require some changes. Sometimes, the changes come in the form of expenses. They need to effectively communicate these things to the right people.

To do that, they set formal meetings. They send out polite, succinct, and easy-to-read, jargon-free emails. They avoid writing emails that are beyond two paragraphs long. They do not want to stress our email recipients. If long explanations are necessary, they set up meetings. A face-to-face meeting over coffee is still the best method for official communications. Nothing else comes close.

A positive attitude is important when having any kind of meeting, formal or otherwise. In meetings with clients, we make sure we bring our best version of ourselves. This is how we make things work at Fieldview Data Center. And thankfully, our clients appreciate it.