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FieldView can help you manage data center infrastructure IT deployments to achieve the highest space efficiency, resource utilization and operational resiliency.

Capacity Planning

FieldView Solutions Capacity Planning iconMany data center managers don’t really know how close they are to running out of space, cooling, or energy capacity – until it’s too late. The traditional course of action is to leave plenty of room for error, so uptime isn’t interrupted. This "capacity safety gap," also known as "overprovisioning," can squander hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of space not used, and power and cooling wasted.

FieldView Solutions makes it possible to see where you can use your space better, what assets may be underutilized, and the best ways to consolidate your servers without overload. With FieldView, it’s easier than ever to close the "gap." Using the space you have to its full potential can delay or eliminate the need for construction of additional data center space. This can save hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, extending the useful life of your facility.

Power Capacity Trending


Room Level Power Trending in FieldView
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A Faster, Safer Process

FieldView also eases asset deployment, making the process much faster and safer. Customers have reported server changes and additions that used to take months in planning and execution stages being accomplished in minutes. Add and delete cabinets without vendor involvement. All it takes is a couple of clicks. FieldView is scalable with a standard graphical user interface, allowing you to modify and expand the system without our assistance.

FieldView continuously monitors all loads from individual branch circuits through the utility meter and every component in between, in real time, taking the guesswork out of capacity planning. It instantly reconciles current and projected capacities along the entire critical power and cooling path to ensure that the decisions made at the rack level don’t impact reliability and resiliency at any level of the infrastructure chain. Tracking of energy, space and cooling usage can be used for predictive modeling.

FieldView can help you establish a baseline for your energy savings initiatives, then track and trend your efforts to reduce energy use and carbon footprint. To further save energy, FieldView can help get a handle on assets to prepare for moving to the cloud or other virtualization model.

Room Overview


Room Overview
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